Monday, June 2, 2008

Healthy Snack of the Week

I'm still struggling with tiredness, but at least my nausea is coming to an end.  And I'm trying to develop some regular Blog features, making it easier for me to think of stuff to write about everyday.  And my eating habits for the past week inspired my first column feature!

Healthy snacks can be tough, because most marketed snacks come in small bags or packages, and contain more calories, fat and sodium than most of us need in one short sitting!  So I'm going to feature easy to make snacks that are healthy for you!  Keep them around the house or in the fridge at work and hit them up first before heading to a vending machine!

This week's snack is something I ate almost every day last week - Apples and Peanut Butter!  Apples are so good for you - loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber and vitamin C.  Research shows that apples lend to a healthy heart, lungs and, ahem, colon.  I tend to like crunchy, sweet varieties, like Pink Lady, Gala or Fuji.  My hubby and stepdaughter will only eat tart Granny Smith.  Try a few different varieties out to find your favorite - they are definitely not all the same!  

As for peanut butter, I can only advocate a natural, organic peanut butter, not the good, old fashioned Jiff or Skippy we all grew up on.  That stuff is loaded with trans fats and "stabilizers."  Natural peanut butter should only have two or three ingredients on its label - peanuts, oil and salt.  When you open up your first jar, do not be alarmed.  Natural PB separates, and it needs to be stirred up at first, then stored in the fridge to stay firm.  But the taste is all there!  And despite the high fat, peanut butter is good for you!  The fat is Good Fat, and will help reduce your risk of heart disease.  And it's loaded with protein.  Just keep your servings to no more than two tablespoons, as fat is fat, and PB is high in overall calories.  

So slice up an apple this afternoon, and take them for a dip in some peanut butter.  Yummy!

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