Monday, September 28, 2009

Practicing what I preach

This morning, challenged everyone with a "So what are you doing today?" To show that I am trying to practice what I preach....

This was a Murphy's Law morning - whatever could go wrong, was going wrong. But I struggled through (to the point of tears welling up in my eyes) and got myself and the boys to the park for Stroller Aerobics with my FitMommas. I struggled through the workout, but in the back of my mind, I could tell ... my body was loving it. And now I feel Fantastic! I don't smell so good, but I feel great!

Eating? Well, I need to work on it. The dog ate my breakfast this morning when my 3yo had a "Mommy, I have to go peepee!" moment. So I've eaten half a piece of dry raisin bread today. Not too great.

Me time? HOping to make it to a free Piloga class that a local church offers tonight at 8pm. If that doesn't happen, then when the boys get to bed and my hubby and 10yo daughter are chillin' on the couch, I'll retreat to the bedroom for a few yoga breaths and stretches.

I can do it! can you!

Just so you see that I try to practice what I preach! LOL!.... this morning, despite the "what can go wrong, will go wrong" theme of the day, I managed to get myself and the boys to stroller aerobics with my FitMommas, and got in a good workout. It was a struggle, but of course, I FEEL GREAT! I need to work ou

Monday - as good a day as any.

So, what are you doing today? When are you going to move your body? What are you going to fuel your body with? How are you going to take time for yourself?

Every single day...Move Your Body. Nourish Your Body. Take Time to Relax.

It should be easy, but it's not. We're trained as moms to take care of everyone else. But how can you possibly take care of others if you're barely hanging on by a string.

So figure it out...wake up earlier. Take time during their naps. Take a family walk. Keep driving past the fast food, and bring healthy snacks with you. Ask the hubby to take the kids for 15 minutes while you do some deep breathing and stretches in the bedroom.

You can do this. So can I. Today is as good a day as any to change the priorities in your life!

Friday, September 25, 2009

How to Raise a Healthy Eater

Keep healthy, fresh foods within easy reach of your young ones, keep the not-so-great stuff either out of the house, or out of hands reach!

My 9 month old, sneaking an apple from the fridge while I put groceries away.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Funny

Sometimes the best medicine is laughter. Got this from my Momma this week....

Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them,

'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and

fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.'

They got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine.

They’re such asses ...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday is always the day of beginnings. Who starts a diet/workout program/new job, etc. on a Saturday or Friday? No, Monday is the universal day to embark on new endeavors. So I began today like I do every Monday.

"This is it. I'm going to get up, work out, I'm going to eat healthy, here's my plan - OK, break!"

And, for the most part, the day has been going great. Until about an hour ago. I got up, had a piece of whole wheat toast, I worked out. After the chiropractor put my neck back on straight, I came home to another awesome multi-layered wrap that I am so in love with, drank lots of water, and some coffee to keep the caffeine demons at bay.

And then....a box of cheap-o mac-n-cheese was pulled out of the pantry, and I had three kids all begging me for some highly-processed cheesey pasta. And for reasons I cannot explain, I used all the butter the recipe called for, and then rather than using my skim milk, I used the baby's whole milk. Holy crap, that was the best mac-n-cheese I've ever had, but really - Why, Why, Why!?

I shall go drink a liter of water to cleanse my eating sins....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

FOOD! Why must you taunt me?

It seems that while I am doing good on getting back to the workout groove, my eating habits are still sucking. Big time. I seem to have lost all self-control. Last week, I ate a box of Snickers ice cream bars all by myself. In two days. I should issue the disclaimer that I was pre-menstrual, but I think that's a pretty big cop-out - especially since I didn't stop there. I ate half a container of Bryer's Chocolate Chip ice cream as well. Plus half a bag of chocolate chips (just plain ol' semi-sweet chocolate chips.)

What is up with me? What's my deal? Why can't I enjoy the goodness of healthy food, and chill out on the forever-on-the-hips snackies? Because, trust me, I appreciate the yummies of healthy foods. The only bright spot in my diet these past few weeks has been my new-found love of the wrap. Whole wheat wraps, seasoned hummus spreads, lean deli meats, lots of veggies - like carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados - topped with sunflower seeds and/or wheat germ. Incredibly good for you and yummy. And then I stuff my face on fat and sugar.

So this is my challenge right now. All the workouts in the world can't counter the high-calories I've been consuming. Will keep you all updated on this latest turn of events!