Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday is always the day of beginnings. Who starts a diet/workout program/new job, etc. on a Saturday or Friday? No, Monday is the universal day to embark on new endeavors. So I began today like I do every Monday.

"This is it. I'm going to get up, work out, I'm going to eat healthy, here's my plan - OK, break!"

And, for the most part, the day has been going great. Until about an hour ago. I got up, had a piece of whole wheat toast, I worked out. After the chiropractor put my neck back on straight, I came home to another awesome multi-layered wrap that I am so in love with, drank lots of water, and some coffee to keep the caffeine demons at bay.

And then....a box of cheap-o mac-n-cheese was pulled out of the pantry, and I had three kids all begging me for some highly-processed cheesey pasta. And for reasons I cannot explain, I used all the butter the recipe called for, and then rather than using my skim milk, I used the baby's whole milk. Holy crap, that was the best mac-n-cheese I've ever had, but really - Why, Why, Why!?

I shall go drink a liter of water to cleanse my eating sins....

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