Thursday, August 6, 2009

So, whaddya waitin' for?

So I am officially back in the game, and it's kicking my ass. But let's be clear....I Feel Great!

Last week, I had a mini-mental-breakdown. I am a co-founder of FitMommas of St. Peters. I started this FitMommas blog. I have helped others overcome their obstacles and given them support on their journey to be fit & healthy on a daily basis.

And yet...I have struggled.

Confession Time: I have not worked out on a daily basis since before Piglet was conceived - and he's now 8 months old! Yes, I agree that some movement is better than no movement - I do lots of housework, gardening (for reasons that elude me, I kill everything!), laundry up and down the basement stairs, dancing with the kids, etc. But no doubt, if I want to get back to my fightin' weight, I need to do true cardio, strength training and stretching to get there.

So last week, it all hit me, and I decided to swallow my pride and confide in a couple FitMomma friends. It was hard. Repeat - This Was Hard! Admitting, to yourself and to others, that you're failing at something is hard to do. And when you're supposed to be a somewhat expert at that something, it's even harder to admit. First step is always the hardest, and my first step was enlisting outside help. If I couldn't be accountable to myself, I was going to have to make myself be accountable to others. And not just one person, I chose THREE people, all of whom are regular FitMommas, and I could count on each of them to be there for me.

That was just the first step, the next step was actually getting out! We leave on vacation tomorrow, and then we have a playdate at our house that week after, and the next thing I knew, I was putting off starting for another three weeks. And one of my Confidants said, "So what are you waiting for?" Wow, did that strike a nerve. What the hell was I waiting for? For everything to be perfect? For all the stars to be aligned? It's a variation on the Nike "Just Do It" slogan, but without a doubt FitMomma Melissa B's mantra "So whaddya waitin' for?" is my new mantra.

So how am I doing? Well, I have attended Stroller Aerobics Monday and Wednesday of this week. And it sucked! Wow, am I out of shape! As much pride as I had to swallow to call my three Confidants, the pride I am swallowing while working out amongst the FitMommas is even greater! I'm huffing and puffing. I can't do all the reps. I'm walking when everyone is still running. I'm coming in last.

But I am doing it! And I'm going to get up and do it again tomorrow! And I'll take my week's vacation, and I may workout, I may not, but sure as the giggle in my thighs, I will be back working out with the FitMommas when I get back.

Even better? Every single FitMomma has welcomed me back with open arms. No snide comments about "Where ya been?" Just "So glad you're back!" (Uh-oh, my eyes are filling up with tears!) I love these women, they are amazing. I'll talk more later about having support, but right now, let me state for the record that this group of FitMommas that has come together is with me through thick & thin, laughter & tears, muscles & flab. I could not ask for a better group of friends.

So, I ask you....Whaddya waitin' for?

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