Monday, July 6, 2009

Where do FitBabies come from?

First off, let's just get it out there that I'm STILL struggling. Very much, every single day. While I continue to drop a pound or two, I have not been this chubby-wubby since the summer after my first son was born. I only have about 12 pounds to go, but I am all flab. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

I do get lots of movement from gardening and cleaning, but my second son is now seven months old, so at this point, it's time for me to get my groove back. Seven months is when I hit the "I don't want to be fat anymore!" wall with my first son, a few of my Playgroup mommas got together and started walking the mall three days a week - hence the start of FitMommas of St. Peters. Granted, two is totally different than one, Piglet has a different nap schedule than Lil' Boo had - actually, Lil' Boo was just a bit more pliable! LOL! Piglet likes his routine.

However, while I struggle with getting back into my FitMomma glory, I am embracing Fitness where I can. So let's turn to my babies! Where to FitBabies come from? Why, FitMommas, of course. To help get my kiddos off to a good eating start, I make my own baby food. Let's be clear, I always have a stash of store-bought food, because life with two kids is crazy. But making your own baby food is not only easy, it's super-duper cheap, AND you can tailor your babies diet to his or her exact needs. This morning, I made some apples and pears - and then some Pear-Applesauce. No added sugars, no preservatives. Just peel & slice; steam (my preferred choice is in the microwave, puree with water, and you have tons of healthy food for baby.

And storage is easy-peasy, too. One reason I like to buy store-bought food is for the containers - I keep them, and them fill them up with my homemade goodies. Another great trick is to fill ice cube trays with your concoctions, freeze, and then you have ready-to-go, single servings of goodies at your disposal. And, if you're thinking that apples and pears can get old, check out my favorite site for making your own baby food - Wholesome Baby Food. It is The go-to site for all things healthy for baby.

Once you get a feel for this site, you'll realize that what you can make for your baby is limited only by your imagination. So get creative, and let's make some FitBabies!

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