Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Even a Little Bit

It has been my plan to get up with my husband at the buttcrack of dawn, take the dog for a good walk/jog, and be back by the time my hubby leaves for work (which is Six AM - very much buttcrack).  Of course, I rarely happens, but thanks to the return to standard time, the kiddos have been waking just after 6am, so this morning, I was actually awake before them.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as early as I wanted, but 5:40 is better than nothing.  Oh, I laid there thinking, "This isn't even worth the time to put on the clothes."  But I snapped that out of my brain after an ugle 30 seconds, got up, put on the clothes, grabbed the iPod, and walked past my confused husband for the shortest workout ever.

I spent 15 minutes walking up and down my street.  A small cul-de-sac with only 11 houses on it.  Total.  Both sides of the street.  But I walked, I sucked in that cold air, and felt my lungs burn like the depths of hell.  God, it was awesome!

As my hubby pulled away, and I had to head back into the house, I knew it - even a little bit counts.  It was totally worth putting on the layers of clothes and tennis shoes.  I can take on the day, and it's only 6am.

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