Friday, December 18, 2009

End-of-Year Planning

Right now, is anyone focusing on the Fit & Healthy?  Those of you who are awesome beyond belief are.  Unfortunately, those of us with normal, crazy lives are still trying to figure out how to keep clean clothes on everyone's back amongst all the shopping, wrapping and *gulp* baking!

One thing you can find time for, tho....
Planning.  January is right around the corner.  That whole "New Year's Resolution" thing will be looming over you.  And the biggest reason that resolutions don't come to fruition is because of a lack of planning.

So think about these things....and come up with some answers?

What are you going to do for exercise?  Is it going to involve any new equipment or athletic wear?  Last minute Christmas ideas for your family!
When are you going to do it?  If this involves waking up earlier than you do now, it would be wise of you to start setting the alarm clock ahead a few minutes each day between now and the first of the year.
How are you going to change your diet?  Remember, these are lifestyle changes, not crash diets.  Start compiling some healthy recipes to start trying.
What is your daily diet going to look like?  Start putting it together now.  What are you going to eat for breakfast?  Snacks?  Lunch?  Dinner?  Desserts?  Write it down, and start putting together grocery lists.
Is your family going to support you?  A huge key to success is family involvement.  Get working on the above steps, and let your family know you are serious.

Moving forward on these questions now, mid-December, will greatly increase your chances of long-term success come January!  The hidden success key here is, of course, the fact that you'll start thinking about these plans NOW, rather than January 1st.  You'll be investing your thoughts in getting healthy, and as we all know, life is so often Mind over Matter!

I'd love to hear any ideas you have - as I will be working on my own plans!!


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