Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Just So Hungry!

What is it about pregnancy that brings on ravenous hunger?  I distinctly remember this with my first pregnancy, casually telling my husband that I was hungry, and within minutes ripping his head off because I was so hungry I wanted to eat his arm.  I can't remember if this was just a certain trimester or the whole pregnancy, but I remember it!

So far, this has only hit a few times, and not quite as intense as I remember with the first pregnancy.  But last night was a new experience.  After our long weekend out of town, we treated my mom and stepdad to a big dinner of grilled steak, roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus - Major Yum! - for taking care of our dog for us.  I definitely ate until full, though I didn't overstuff myself.  By bedtime, I was telling my husband how I already felt hungry again, but I went to bed.  By 4am, I was up and out of bed, rummaging in the kitchen, looking for something light enough to satisfy the hunger, but let me go back to bed.  Two hours, two whole wheat english muffins and a cup of lo-fat yogurt later, I was finally satisfied enough to be able to go back to bed!  

I really wanted some fruit and cottage cheese, but we didn't have anything that fresh since we've been out of town.  I know that protein would have helped satisfy me, but didn't even think to put peanut butter on those english muffins until I was already done.  Another reason to keep a well-stocked house of lots of low-fat proteins and low-glycemic carbs - which, of course, would be easier to do if I was ever in town to keep a well-stocked house without it all going bad!

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