Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life Takes Hold

There's no excuse for lack of posting, only my perfectionism to blame.  The fact is this pregnancy, and my May schedule of one family event after the other, has left me with next to no energy to even come on the computer to type a simple post.  That, and my desire to have all my posts be ground breaking and full of information - well, that's just silly, because this is supposed to be a blog about a real mom facing real challenges (Like Life!!) while trying to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, right?  So if I'm struggling, I should be on here talking about it, and not worry about giving all the best analysis of the latest fitness news!

So anyway, I worked out for the first time in two weeks on Monday - and it was awesome!  I had SO much energy in the few hours afterwards.  And then exhaustion set in, as it does every day in this first trimester of pregnancy!  And I slept the rest of the afternoon!  Yesterday, Tuesday, was a small birthday party for my son with his playgroup friends, which wiped me out!  Today....recoup and regroup!  The crazy schedule is coming to an end, only one more family event this weekend, and then we're done.  In the meantime....

I'm happy to report that I've been too tired to stuff my face, and at 11 1/2 weeks pregnant, I've not gained one pound.  I have noticed, however, that I'm a bit squishier, most likely due to the lack of exercise.  Some of that was doctor-ordered, but everything's looking better now, so I'm hoping to get back to 3 days a week of good cardio, at least two of good strength and two of yoga.  

So I promise to update every day, even if it's just my daily struggles.  That's what I started this blog for!

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