Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dancin' with my baby

This past week has been incredibly stressful, and tomorrow AM will be the first time I workout in a week. But I've found that I can still get a lot of activity in by doing something so simple and fun with my toddler....shakin' our groove thang! Between family and friend stress, this past week just hasn't allowed for me to workout for an hour or even 30 minutes. But with the little one, I turn on the radio, and we both just dance! Dance in place, dance around the house, I chase him, he chases me! And it's fun! And it wears me out!

Is your little one still too little dance on his or her own? There's no reason you can't hold your lil' bebe and dance together - they'll love the motion and you'll burn a few more calories lugging the extra weight.

Need some inspiring music? Well, almost any station on the radio works, or try some kid-friendly selections. My little guy LOVES the Backyardigans, and we frequently play their Groove to the Music CD. A FitMomma recently turned me onto Laurie Berkner for some fun, kid friendly tunes that won't have you wanting to stick a fork in your eye. You may have heard Laurie's band if you watch Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin'.

No matter what melody you choose to shake your booty to, dancin' with your baby not only gets your heart rate up and burns calories - it's an amazing way to play and bond with your kiddo!

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