Friday, March 21, 2008

Stroller your Yard!

There's nothing better than discovering new ways to workout that are fun and easy - and I made such a discovery just yesterday!  After all this gloom and doom weather we've been having in Missouri, yesterday was in the sixties and we had...Sunshine!  Rather than sit inside and enjoy the glorious sun from the confines of my comfy couch, the hubby and I decided to clean up the garage a bit.  
We had the jogging stroller (on loan from FitMomma Colleen!) out and set up for cleaning, and my son was rather adamant about going for a ride.  So I strapped him in, and we ended up running around our front yard in a figure eight - and within a minute or two I realized what a good workout I was getting while entertaining my kid!  WooHoo!  My hubby, and probably my neighbors, thought I was a fruit loop, but the kid was laughing his head off, and I was working hard!  

These are the little gems that can be found - if any of you have any great workout ideas that aren't really workouts, let me know!  And I think I need to come up with a term for this - any ideas?  Fakeouts?  Funexercise?  Ugh, I'm drawing a blank!

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