Friday, January 9, 2009

Oprah and I are *Like This*

Who knew I had so much in common with the world's richest woman?  Much less the world's richest woman who is also a 200lb black woman from Mississippi?  I mean, on the surface, I'm just a semi-skinny, curvy, big-butted white girl from California.

But if you've been watching Oprah's Best Life Week like I have (and I suspect millions upon millions of others) this week, you've been learning what Oprah thinks we all need to live our Best Life.  And what has struck me most this week is something she said in the very first installment.  Oprah's life needs to be about Balance.

Say what?  Cuz if I'm not mistaken, that has been the ongoing theme of my personal blog for the last six months.  Family, God, personal time, kids, money, eating, weight, working out - I've been discussing the need to find the balance of all these things in my life so that I can feel content, happy, purposeful.  

And there was Oprah, the world's most famous talk show host and more, saying the same dang thing this week (something tells me I won't be getting her pay check anytime this week, tho!).  

So I plan on making Balance a main theme of this blog, and I hope it doesn't appear that I've taken that theme straight from my TV screen.  

In the meantime, think about those things that are out of balance in your life right now.  Look at it two different ways - the balance amongst the roles you play each day (mom, wife, daughter, employee, friend, for example) and the activities you spend your time doing (cleaning, writing, exercising, working, for example).  Identify at least five of YOUR roles and activities, I've just given examples.  
What do you pour most of your energy into?  
What would you like to invest more energy in?
(I got this activity from my MOPS group earlier in the fall - great idea!!)

Right now, let's just identify where our energy is, let's not worry about balancing today.  Once you see those things in your life that are sucking all your energy, then you can start to make small changes to give other areas what they need.  So let's identify first....

Anywho, I'll be back at ya in a few.  Right now, I'm typing as I eat scrambled eggs and wheat toast, with coffee (with some Nesquick and milk added.)  Pretty good, decent meal.  Even better, my 2 1/2 year old is eating it as well (well, without the coffee!), so that makes me feel good.  But I should make one confession:  A MOPS mom brought us a meal last night of a very heavy (read: fattening) broccoli, cheese, and potato soup with brownies.  Guess what my appetizer was this morning before breakfast?  Yep....brownies...  
But the soup and brownies were absolutely DeLish!

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