Monday, January 19, 2009

Working Out However You Can

The past week has shown me that working out as a new mom is next to impossible.  So I've been redefining what a workout is!

Let's see....
I took extra time to walk up and down the steps to the laundry room, squeezing buns and abs one trip, running up the next time.
I did jumping jacks in the kitchen as I was making dinner.
I got the soccer ball out with my 2 year old and kicked it around the yard for about 30 minutes while it was semi-warm over the weekend.  
I lifted my newborn up and down over my head.

No actual workouts - between sleepless nights, feedings every 3 hours, running after (and trying to control) a two year old, those don't really seem to fit in right now!  But every little bit helps, right?!


Vicki said...

That's what I've been doing too! I do the stairs, jumping jacks, and ab work while the kids are sleeping. They've been sick so I can't get to the gym during the day so any little bit helps. Today Adam and I just jumped to some music for awhile. Whatever works to get the heartrate up. It's better than nothing!

Amy said...

Dancing with your kids is one of the best - and most fun - exercises you can do!