Thursday, March 26, 2009

Multi-Task This!

I am apparently known for my ability to do multiple things at the same time.  Others seem to think this is a positive thing.  I know better.

Throughout the day, I'll stop and realize that I'm starving.  I am waiting too long to eat between meals, starving by the time I get around to eating, and then stuffing my face way past the point of full.  I know this is not good.  I don't need anyone to tell me this.  I am well aware that the best way to lose weight and maintain weight is to eat consistently throughout the day, five to six meals.  This keeps your metabolism cranking, your blood sugar levels even.  I know this!

So what's my problem?  My main problem is...multitasking!  When you're always doing more than one thing, no one thing is getting my full attention.  And that includes eating.  

Oh, I'll start getting breakfast together first thing in the morning, but it may be a few hours before the entire meal makes it in my tummy.  The baby wakes up, the dog needs let out.  The next thing I know, I forgot that I was fixing breakfast, I start folding laundry, then I have to feed a kid, then I remember the bill I forgot to pay online, then I remember the blog I wanted to post a week ago, and so on.

The French don't have this problem, in fact, a woman wrote a book about it.  Us Americans try to cram too much stuff into one day, and even eating becomes a task to accomplish.  We don't sit and savor our food.  We eat standing up, on the run, in the car, or, if you're like me, while surfing the net looking for ideas, answering emails, reading about how to be fit and health.  Oh, the friggin' irony!

OK.  So here's my self-imposed goal for the next week - sit down and eat.  Don't read, don't surf, don't clean the kitchen.  Fix my meal, sit down at the dining room table and enjoy my food.  I may even find I get more done with a fully nourished body!

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