Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Many Things At Once?

I've been doing really well with the eating/tasking issue!  It does frighten me a bit, tho, how much I have to concentrate on enjoying my food through the day, and resist that urge to get up to do something else while eating.  As if I was wasting valuable time by savoring the food!  What a commentary on our society!  Dinner is not a problem - we all sit down at the table and enjoy our meal together.  It's all the eating I do before dinner, which is the most important eating all day!

What I hadn't anticipated this week (because this is life, and there's always something) is that a stomach virus from hell would hit my little one.  My not-quite 4 month old has been vomiting and had diarrhea for a week.  As in this is Day 7.  This was preceded by an ear infection.  Now while he has had reflux issues, my little Piglet managed to stay healthy all winter, so these last two weeks - the beginning of Spring! - have blindsided me!  Who gets sick Now?!

So between comforting him and the mountains (and I do mean Everest-sized loads) of laundry, my head is spinning.  Of course, what I need is a good exercise routine to help with the stress level.  But I'm still trying to establish that new routine with a new baby.  

I'm feeling...oh....frustrated?  Overwhelmed? Helpless, even?

Of course, I know I am none of these things if I don't want to be.  Every Single Day will bring its challenges.  And our life is not to live without challenges, but how to embrace them and work with them, rather than around them or avoiding them altogether.'s supposed to be mid-60s today.  I commit to getting the boys in the double jogger and going for a walk.  And if I have to turn around after one block due to pukies or poopies, so be it!  At least I got out for a block, right?

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