Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Honest

Who saw Oprah's show on moms on Monday?  There was a ton of good stuff, but thing that struck the biggest chord with me moms need to get honest with each other!  Because we so are not!  At least, most of us aren't.  I have tried to be, and found that it's is often met with great resistance.  

Last year, on my personal blog, I spoke briefly about my marital problems with my husband.  While most of my friends and family reached out, there were a few that either kept their silence or even told me I should keep those things to myself.  And it amazes me how many conversations I have or blogs I read where life seems to be perfect for that person, but later on, through the grapevine or a small personal encounter, you find that things are not that way.  

WHY?  Why do we lie to ourselves and to each other?  This job sucks on many days.  I mean, it's the most rewarding job out there, because nothing matches the unconditional love of your children.  But the day in and day out of being a mom is harder than hell!  Throw in bills, mortgage, marriage, family, and it's a surprise we don't all have a future at the Betty Ford Clinic.  

So if you wanna be a FitMomma, I'd say first things first is to get honest.  Being a Momma is hard.  Being a FitMomma is harder yet!  It's a hell of a lot easier to buy cheap, crap food, and sit on the couch each day when you're exhausted already.  Of course, any FitMomma knows that the best way to get energy to deal with your Momma life is to eat right and move that body!

Now, let's clarify that I'm not condoning complaining all the time!  That can be an energy drain - you know those people who never have anything positive to say, their life is always full of woe.  Ugh.  This is more about being honest when you need help; reaching out to friends and family when you need a shoulder.  It's about learning to laugh about the struggles, rather than hide them.  Especially in this online world, there is someone close to you who understands what you're going through.  They've been there.  We are there!

So you ready to look in the mirror and get honest?  I'm standing right next to you!

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