Monday, April 13, 2009

Operation Candy Removal

Hey, everyone!  Hope that you had a fabulous Easter weekend, and no doubt you are sitting in your house/office right now, reading this, in somewhat of a sugar coma.  Just how many peanut M&M's, chocolate eggs and rabbit ears did you eat this weekend?

Well, no worries, don't fret.  What happened, happened, and dwelling on it won't help.  Because it is certainly no reason to fall completely off the wagon and give up!  

So right now, collect all the remaining candy in your house.  Bag it up, and decide where it's going:  your husband's work (not your own, that defeats the purpose!); your Nana's nursing home; your child's school; your church's office; your doctor's office; your neighbor who couldn't visit with family this past weekend.  Heck, even your local shelter and food pantry would gladly accept your donation!  The point is to remove it from your surroundings, and use the opportunity to also share some Easter love with your community.

If you have kids who will be devastated if all the candy disappears today, pull a select few of their favorites our for them to enjoy throughout this week.  But by this weekend, really, Easter candy should be a distant memory!

And then go enjoy a nice salad today, be grateful for your health and enjoy your day!

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