Thursday, April 9, 2009

Momma's Dirty Little Secret #57

Us Moms have a million little secrets - from the good, the bad and the ugly.  Secrets we'd gladly share, secrets we'd gladly kill to keep quiet!  Let me share one with you today.

I am a stay home mom.  No, that is not the secret.  The secret is the Power Mom I become between the hours of 3-4pm.  I'm like Jack Bauer on 24 - the following takes place between three and four p.m.  I become crazy woman.  I can complete more tasks in that one hour than I seem capable the entire rest of the day.

Why that hour?

Because my husband gets home around 4:15.  

Ah, is it becoming clearer?  

Here's the deal - a good FitMomma would rise before the sun, work out, and have accomplished half her to-do list before the children rise, thanks to all the energy she received from her workout and no-doubt low calorie, high energy breakfast she ate.

This mom, with her 4 month old, plus almost-three year old, still hasn't gotten back to that point, so I am still sleeping when the first one wakes up; I'm barely covering my body parts when I stumble into the bedroom, and frequently forget even to pee before I begin my day.  This does not create good momentum.  

By the time 3pm arrives, I realize that I haven't done half, or even most, of what I wanted to, so I begin the "I better earn my keep" mode of Mommyhood.  Power Mom.  I can pick up toys at neckbreak speed; I can fold four loads of laundry in less than five minutes; I can wipe down all the counters, put away all the papers, sweep the floor, etc. with the grace of a gazelle.  In fact, I'm moving so fast and furious, a little sweat will break out, the heart is racing, and talk about legs!  Lunging and squatting like a mad woman!  

And that's why at around 4pm, I stop, and clean myself up, and then hubby is in awe of all I accomplished in my day, and I look good, too!

Oh, one day, and hopefully one day soon, I'll be back to waking up before the kids, and getting in that early morning workout that fuels me for the day.  But for now, at least, I know that I have a workout coming to me, no matter what!

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Cami Checketts said...

You should be proud to accomplish all you do between 3 & 4! I try to undo the house so my honey feels bad for me and will do the laundry!

Great blog,